Post-holiday Comfort Food


It can be a bit depressing going from hot Greek island beaches to whatever in God’s name the weather in London thinks it’s doing. So thankfully I’d booked myself an extra day off in order to eat Wagon Wheels (Jammie), catch up on Game of Thrones and MIC (the shame!) and watch the rain from the comfort of my sofa. Far from dying as I’d feared they would, the plants went a bit mental whilst we were away so I now can’t see out of the front window because of the ‘meadow flowers’ (weeds) and I’m endlessly trying to find recipes that use sage.


The only thing in the garden with any flowers on it.

There are some situations which only a roast chicken will make better, and this was one of them.

Roast chicken  (3)

A chicken with flowers up its bum.

Roast chicken  (6)

Keep pouring, dear

Roast chicken

Rhubarb (9)

roasted Rhubarb

We had it with a carrot & sweet potato mash and sage & bacon green beans, followed by rhubarb and ice cream in front of The Fall. It might not have made this week any easier but it was pretty flipping good.

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